A cryptocurrency trader has mysteriously disappeared.

According to Nova TV, the last person Alexander Altunbashev spoke to was his sister Teodora.

She told investigators that on Monday, around 10 am, she took him to the cinema area in the capital's Mladost district.

From there he had to go to work in Plovdiv.

A little later, Teodora Altunbasheva saw a 30-year-old man enter her brother's apartment next door to hers.

The man used a key.

This frightened the woman, as she was the only one who had access to the apartment.

She asked the stranger who he was and what he was looking for, but he left, explaining that he was in a hurry.

A jeep driven by a woman was waiting for him in front of the building.

Alexander Altunbashev's apartment was scattered.

It is assumed that information was sought on the accounts of the IT expert, as well as his portfolio for cryptocurrencies.

Teodora Altunbasheva tried to contact her brother several times.

During the last conversation, he told her that he was traveling to the Burgas region, without specifying where exactly.

The woman was surprised, as he had not mentioned such a thing before.

The man's phone was then turned off.

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Such behavior was not typical of her brother, Theodora said.

He was extremely responsible and reported any delays.

That's why the woman immediately called 112.

Alexander's girlfriend Christina was also questioned.

She did not share with investigators any information that he was threatened or had business problems.

Nova TV sources claim that an attempt was made to detect Altunbashev's phone on mobile cells.

Thus, it was established that the device was last included in the area of ​​Bistritsa near Sofia.

His last conversation was with Ivaylo Borisov, nicknamed Torino.

Borissov's lawyer said the two were friends.

According to him, however, Turin is not the last person to see Altunbashev.

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