Sister Sri comes again, telling "Chatchat" to meet soon about the campaign sign.

after letting people take it

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24 May 2022 12:21





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"Sri Suwan" came again, told her that she had waited until 3 days had passed and she had not seen "Chatchat" to report the crime to the person who took the campaign sign, saying, "Don't pretend to pretend.

so see you later

On May 24, 2022, Mr. Srisuwan Chanya, secretary-general of the Thai Constitutional Protection Association, posted on Facebook that earlier, Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, the Bangkok governor, spoke and explained the post. always said

“The team of Friends Chatchat

I don't want these banners to become trash after the election. We made a pattern so we can keep it back.

to cut and sew bags

or an apron

for use in our own team in the future.”

Which we have always argued that making a pattern like this (which none of the other applicants did) could be considered a "shambles".

or promise to give

Which is implied in the way of violating the Election Law 2019, which when the polling box is closed

as expected

By the evening of Election Day, people had rolled all of his campaign banners.

Instead, he let the people, the electorate, take his campaign banners.

which is considered as your property to sew and make bags - apron according to the pattern you have defined

where you did not come out to protect your property rights in any way

To let all the jackals come to spread the news that the sign should not be taken away.

If you have taken it, please return it to the pre-prepared address.

It's not smooth.

4.4 million people in Bangkok who have the right to vote, they don't eat chaff.

eat grass

I waited until 3 days and I didn't see you go to file a lawsuit against someone who stole your campaign sign.

Like this, it cannot be thought of any other way.

In addition to what the post explained earlier, which is

"pretending to pretend"

, then see you soon!!