North Korea assured today that the situation with the coronavirus is "under control", Reuters reported, citing the state news agency KCTA.

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The Coronavirus Epidemic (COVID-19) 31537

The closed communist state recognized the first cases of coronavirus on its territory on May 12, more than two years after the pandemic began.

This has raised serious concerns amid a lack of vaccines, a poor health system and a potential food shortage in the country of more than 25 million people.

The number of people with "fever" in North Korea has reached 2.8 million

The CCTA reported another 134,510 people "with symptoms of fever", without specifying how many tested positive for coronavirus.

However, the North Korean state media noted a steady downward trend, with the number of new cases below 200,000 for the third day in a row.

A total of 2.95 million people have been confirmed to have "fever symptoms" in North Korea.

2.54 million people have already recovered.

The number of deaths remained unchanged at 68.

The CCTA praised the "successes" in fighting the epidemic, explaining the authorities' urgent measures, which it said have led to a drastic drop in new infections and deaths and an increase in cures.

This "has led to effective control and control of the spread of the pandemic disease and maintaining a clearly stable situation," assured the North Korean state news agency.

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The Coronavirus Epidemic (COVID-19)

North Korea