"Suchart" believes in "Uncle Tu" lovers a lot, is confident that there will be no big elections

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24 May 2022 2:17 p.m.





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"Suchart" still believes that a lot of people love "Uncle Tu" and is confident that there will be no big elections.

citing different contexts for local elections - big stadiums

But can't be careless, welcomed 'Chatchat' to sit as the Bangkok governor. 

On May 24, at the Government House, Mr. Suchart Chomklin, Minister of Labor as the director of the Pracharath Party

Talking about the results of the elections for the Bangkok governor and the Sor. Kor. that must accept part

Because Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan has shown his will for a long time.

do homework for a long time

which must be welcomed, and if sending all 50 districts Sor Kor.

must admit

What are the local elections that are uncomfortable with?

MPs and Ministers

because he used the Pracharat Party to apply

But we can't go back down to help campaign.

had to let him walk his way, but in spite of this, the political parties sent

There is no one who can get more than 50% because of Mr. Chatchart's score.

Jumping alone and choosing the NCPO to pour to the opposition may think that it should work with Mr. Chatchart.

seen as the same team

which we did not go to any party

Must admit that the local political context depends on the area and the context. Do not think that it is a big land slide.

If he comes down to his house and wins

I think like this

In which the Bangkok elections, if there is an election for MPs

There will be 33 districts, representing 10% of the 200 districts, so they can't be measured.

It has to be seen for a long time.

In the next election, we will know who is who, but congratulations to everyone who got it.

Ask them to work for the country, country, for the people of Bangkok to do as they have campaigned for.

because we speak as master

If you can't do it in the next election, the people will be punished.

When asked about the case where Mr. Chatchart claimed that his popular vote was higher than the Prime Minister, Mr. Suchart said that when the results came out, he could say Long.

Must admit that he is in the area.

Bangkok and has an image that the people of Bangkok want to rely on and rely on on what they have campaigned for.

But it's up to whether to do what the campaign has said or not.

When asked if this time will have an impact on the major elections because Bangkok is the base of the party, Mr. Suchart said that he accepted, but the elements were not the same.

So it's up to the people to decide.

Where will the country travel?

and also believe in the potential

Bangkok MPs of the party

but must not be careless

He still believes

General Prayut Chan-o-cha at the Phalang Pracharath MPs

support as prime minister

Still, the image is better than many people in honesty.

The work was not tainted.

Some may like it, some may not like it. Has anyone ever encountered a problem with covids like the Prime Minister, which is very difficult?

face a crisis

Another Russian-Ukrainian problem

Let me ask you back since the Prime Minister came, has anyone encountered 2-3 events at the same time? No, so we have to look objectively. Election of the House of Representatives that will take place for another year, we have to do our homework.

When asked if he was worried about whether the trend would turn the pole or not, Mr Suchart said there were some people talking about it.

But there are a lot of people who love uncle.

People who don't like it, just express it.

But when I like to keep in my heart