If a broad national consensus is sought on the PCM, it is not only there, but it is strongly expressed in our society and the government should be aware.

If the aim is to support the dialogue and it is disrupted for some reason within the ruling coalition itself, it must be made clear what the reasons are for whether the PCM has made progress in implementing our treaty.

Is there a change in the positions of our European partners and European institutions, but on these issues we need to hear the Prime Minister.

This is what President Rumen Radev told journalists

Rumen Georgiev Radev is a Bulgarian military man, a major general in the reserve.

Former commander of.

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"The more closely the government adheres to the official Bulgarian position, expressed in the documents adopted by the National Assembly and the last CCNS, the more they listen to the voice of Bulgarians in our country and in the RSM, the more responsibly we behave as an EU member and we adhere to the principles and values ​​of the Union, the easier it will be for them in the policy and decisions towards the PCM ", the head of state commented.

Angel Djambazki: RS Macedonia has no problem starting talks with EU if it changes its constitution

He did not give a specific answer on whether to convene a National Security Advisory Council

, but explained: "The CCNS is a body to support dialogue and seek a common solution in the name of important national goals.

Be assured that I will continue to do the best for Bulgaria - to defend our history and culture, to defend the rights of Macedonian Bulgarians, to hold Bulgaria as a responsible member of the EU so that we have clear concerns and commitments to the stability of the Union. in the long term".

There has been no progress in the work of the Joint Historical Commission with the PCM

Radev assured that our country will work so that "our brothers" from the RSM receive guarantees for a sustainable and irreversible process of integration.

"Get rid of the ideological shackles of the totalitarian Yugoslav past faster.

Finally, the politicians there should take the bold step that would open the perspective for the long-awaited membership in the EU ", added Rumen Radev

Rumen Georgiev Radev is a Bulgarian military man, a major general in the reserve.

Former commander of.

The President stressed that Bulgaria needs stability, transparency and principle in governance and expressed hope that this balance will be found.

Relations Bulgaria - RS Macedonia

Rumen Radev