"Chatchat" tag team "Wirot" begins to explore Lat Phrao Canal

solve the flood problem

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23 May 2022 3:56 PM.





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"Chatchat" tag team "Wirot" explores Lat Phrao Canal

Prepare to solve the flood problem

listen to the people's voice

As for the complaint, the self-proclaimed banner

Don't worry, it will disrupt your tenure as governor of Bangkok. 

On May 23, 65, at 2 p.m. ago, Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, the Bangkok governor, together with Mr. Wirot Lakkhana-adisorn visited the area to explore the Lat Phrao Canal.

To present a flood prevention policy in Bangkok, Mr. Chatchat said that today, although the Election Commission has not recognized the position of Bangkok governor.


But urgent problems that need to be solved

is the story of the flood

The problem point is Khlong Lat Phrao to Khlong Saen Saep.

This section will involve four districts, namely Wang Thonglang District, Lat Phrao District, Chatuchak District, and Huai Khwang District.

which is the area responsible for the future members of Bangkok

traveling with

therefore invited to come and listen to the people's problems together

to bring the problem into a policy perspective

It is a good vision for everyone to work together for the benefit of the people in the area to understand the suffering of the people.

water quality

think that the construction of a water treatment plant is not yet complete

Therefore, there must be more strictness in this regard.

However, Mr. Chatchart also mentioned the case of campaign banners that many people gathered to make bags, saying that his own label was like everyone's label.

which is recycled to make a sunblock

After finishing the election the banners were trash.

which this matter is in the eye of the beholder

But the team is chasing the campaign sign.

which now there is not much left to keep

In the case of someone bringing a campaign complaint to

In order not to be certified as the governor of Bangkok, Mr. Chatchart said he had to respect those who complained.

But I myself have been thinking about this for a long time.

and see that everyone's campaign signs are the same

However, he never said that

If you've chosen yourself, take your own campaign badge.

I myself do not know if there are any legal issues.

Mr. Chatchat also said that

I wasn't worried that this would hamper his tenure as governor of Bangkok, as the legal team had figured it out.

and specifying what can be recycled

should be supported

to reduce global warming

And it is the policy of the Election Commission (EC) as well and the use of new things.

It's not offensive.

which has nothing to do with voting decisions

or not voting for anyone

In this regard, Mr. Chatchart left it to the person who kept the sign.

And sell it for a price starting at 300 baht. In this regard, the legal department must give an opinion.