The King Prajadhipok's Institute poll resulted in the people of Bangkok choosing "Chatchat" as the 1st place, followed by "Wirot-Aswin".

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22 May 2022 17:14





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King Prajadhipok's Institute

Revealing the results of a public opinion poll before the Bangkok elections on May 22, 65, it was found that Bangkokians poured their votes to "Chatchat", followed by "Wirot" and "Aswin". Come to 4 "Sakolthi" come to 5

On May 22, 2022, reporters reported that

A research project to evaluate the results of the election of local council members.

or local administrators

Innovation for Democracy Office

King Prajadhipok's Institute

Under the evaluation research project, the election of local council members or local administrators

A survey of people's opinions before the Bangkok elections was conducted on 22 May 2022 with 806 samples, collected between 17-20 May 2022.

The results of the survey on the question of whether

“In the upcoming elections for the governor of Bangkok

Which candidate will you choose?"

It was found that

the people would choose....

Applicant No. 8, amount 40.8%

Applicant No. 1, 9.8%

Applicant No. 6, 8.6%

Applicant No. 4, 8.1%

Applicant No. 3, 4.3%

have not decided between Applicant No. 8 and 1, 7.5%

have not Decide between applicant number 6 and 3, amount 5.0%

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