Read the election game for the Bangkok governor, the battle for power in two poles. "Chatchat" may win, but must win

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22 May 2022 17:09





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has been completed

For the election of the Bangkok governor, and if nothing changes,


Sitthiphan" is likely to win, according to several polls that have been polled previously. There is a chance to be the new Bangkok governor, which The results of the election that came out

what is reflected

each political party

What do you think or have a background in the background?

Thairath Online Special News Team talked to

Assoc. Prof. Sukhum Nuansakul, a political science scholar and Thai political analyst.

have been analyzed

Ajarn Sukhum looked at the phenomenon of this election that

Even though the election results have already come out who has a chance to be the Bangkok Governor, one important thing is the district sor sor and how many votes of the candidates for the Bangkok governor of each side... by us The sum of the "groups" that are in line with the "government side" and the "opposite government" must be summed up because this election is divided into several parties.

Not like a big election

that is party to party

When asked what factors made you Chatchart

have more chances of winning than others

Thai political guru replied, “I believe it came from intention.

that opens and draws attention before others

causing some people to make decisions before

Before catching a number, even more importantly, this election

The media also organized a debate.

make the applicants more acquainted

Therefore, it made the decision to "choose" by yourself because I heard the policy.

have seen the image

to not choose according to others

There is no need to wait for the coach to come out to lead as in the past.

“The result is that the government vote

How are they different from the opposite party?

How many wins and losses

if which side wins

It may result in "Khao Lang" to the next election of the House of Representatives, whether Bangkok people "take" or "do not take" the current government.

Even though you "Chatchat" won the election today

But ... if looking at the total score

Government candidates

then more than

"Don't take the government" If the result is like this, it means that the "government side" still feels that

There should be hope

But if reversed, if "Chatchart"'s scores combined with "Wirot Lakkhana-adisorn" and "Sita Tiwari" won the government's 4 candidates.

being an independent candidate

Will it affect the work or not?

Because there is no S.K.A team, Ajarn Sukhum said firmly, Mr. Chatchat, he chose to apply alone.

Must be confident in this matter already that there is no problem. Importantly, coming alone like this

This is an opportunity for people who previously supported other parties.

For example, a person who likes to move forward sees that this opportunity belongs to "Chatchat". He may choose "Chatchat" as the governor, but chooses the Sor Kor. as someone else.



is ranked 2nd or 3rd, it will reflect that other people have the opportunity to vote.

Able to compete, it is truly called "fight". People will not leave...because there are many types of defeat, losing gracefully.

or allergic without a sphincter

As for Mr. Aswin, if the score comes to 2nd place, it is considered "excellent" already because he has the support as expected.

which if so

will enter the government

He was able to fanfare that the Bangkok people were still on the government side a lot. On the other hand, if Aswin was left in the 4-5th place, the government would be over...

While Dr. Ae Suchachwee, this election is a testament to the brand.

"Democrat", if Dr. Ae has a good score, it will show that "revived" means that Dr. Ae must have a satisfactory score, such as 2nd or 3rd, or get a chair of the Sor. The MPs who didn't get it at all, which he believed that he would get some sor.

"You see.. it's recovered."

But the MPs are very different from the MPs, can they be compared? Ajarn Sukhum said that although they are different, when they talk, they can talk.

Although different functions, different contexts, but in politics, he analyzes stereotypes.

Special news team, Thairath Online reports.

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