Prime Minister exercises right to vote for governor

Bangkok asks for help

for a good country

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22 May 2022 12:50





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The prime minister pointed out that he exercised his right to elect the governor of Bangkok-Sor Kor. According to the constitution, he asked for one vote, one vote, to help for a good country, with "Big Tu" listed at No. 161 and asked the people to follow the meeting. APEC

Are you going to use the right to vote for the Bangkok governor?


At 10.40 a.m. on May 22, at the Bangkok Council's polling station (Sor Kor.) and the Bangkok governor, unit 13, Bangkok, a tent under the expressway

Soi Pradiphat 5 (Rewadee Nuea), Phayathai Subdistrict, Phaya Thai District, Bangkok, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense

Traveling to exercise the right to have a list number 161, while the wife, Mrs. Naraporn Chan-ocha, and her two daughters are listed at this polling station as well.

There are police officers at Bang Sue Police Station to take care of the order.

and temperature checkpoints are set and distanced

according to the measures to prevent covid-19

Among the mass media came to follow and make news, with the Prime Minister traveling by private car.

Registration number Jan. 1881, Bangkok.

Without the convoy wearing casual blue plaid short-sleeved shirts, slacks and smiling faces.

Later, General Prayut

gave an interview after exercising the right to vote that

They have come out to exercise their rights under the constitution.

to serve as one person only

I didn't see any problem.

Please come out and use the rights as much as you can.

Let's help take care of the people.

Because everyone has the same duty, 1 voice, 1 right, right?

If you want to see a good country, come out and vote that's all.

When asked how he felt about coming out to the polls in nine years, Gen. Prayut said that he must be happy. The country is in a period of stability and peace.

When it's time for elections, they have to choose. When asked what they would like to leave for those who took the position of Bangkok governor, the Prime Minister said, "Oh, I haven't left yet. Who will be the one who will be the one who is going to be the one?"

The prime minister said that today it is important to follow the APEC meeting on commerce.

By Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce

in progress

It will develop our economy in the APEC.

When asked about traveling to the meeting stage

The 27th International Conference on the Future of Asia (Nikkei Forum) on May 25-27 will meet the Prime Minister of Japan or not.

However, after voting and interviewing the press

Gen. Prayut

Return immediately before getting in the car, the photographer asked to raise his hand to take a picture.

Gen. Prayut

Even saying that it's not messed up. Still in the process of elections.

It will be illegal to be careful.

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