Pattaya closes the chests, starts counting the votes, number 1, takes the lead first, the general atmosphere is still fine.

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22 May 2022 18:01





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Closing the election box for the mayor of Pattaya and the Pattaya City Council members.

according to different polling stations

began to gradually count the votes in all 4 constituencies, with the number 1 leading first.

still tidy, no mess

At 17.00 on May 22, 65, which is the time to close the election box for the Pattaya City Mayor and the Pattaya City Council members.

According to the polling stations in the Pattaya constituency, all 4 districts are gradually collecting election equipment.

The Unit Election Commission then began counting the votes of the people who came to vote throughout the day today.

It was found that each political group sent representatives to observe.

for transparency

In the part of Pattaya Demonstration School 11, around the gymnasium building

Which is a polling station 7-16 found that the vote-counting atmosphere was simple.

Haven't found any problems yet.

As for the overall vote count, it was found that No. 1 Beer Prameth Ngampichet of the Rak Pattaya group

There is a leading score now.