The Union of Macedonian Trade Unions (LSM) in the budget rebalance presented yesterday by the Minister of Finance Fatmir Besimi, does not see money to increase the salaries of public sector employees, linearly, by 2,086 denars, reports Telegrafi Makedonija.

"We recall that in the negotiations for the new General Collective Agreement for the public sector it was accepted that the linear salary increase of at least 2,806 denars will occur with the budget rebalance, as we were convinced by the Government, but unfortunately it turns out that it was just buying time and "It played with the fate of 130 thousand workers in the country, at a time when the economic crisis, energy, while inflation are eating away at workers' wages," the statement said.

The LSM and the unions have been demanding pay rises since May 1 and more than 7,500 workers have taken to the streets to make it clear they need an immediate pay rise, but the message is not clearly understood.

"We request an urgent meeting with the Government, which will confirm what has been agreed in principle and will be implemented immediately.

If no agreement is reached now for MKD 2,806, from September it will be 18.4 percent, ie the minimum wage has been increased according to the law, where the six-month deadline must be respected, for which the Government has clearly stated that in six months the other salaries will be harmonized. and there will be no going back!

LSM tries to help workers with lower incomes and therefore the request for a salary increase of MKD 2,806 is an immediate solidarity solution, otherwise the signals sent with the supplementary budget will show solidarity and the workers will disappear. they will ask for what belongs to you by law ", say from LSM./Telegrafi/