Former Deputy Minister of Education, Xhavit Rexhaj days ago said that a state of emergency should be declared in Kosovo in the education sector.

According to him, the situation in education is more difficult than the situation of employees in educational institutions.

But such a thing is not considered necessary, much less now that we are in a situation with the pandemic, the head of the EdGuard Institute, Rinor Qehaja.

Qehaja in a statement to the Telegraph said that the declaration of a state of emergency does not bring better management.

"The declaration of a state of emergency during the pandemic is not the one that brings us better management, and let alone education, it is the investment in structures of accountability and responsibility that is the real change that the system needs," said Qehaja.

He stressed that education reforms need strong political and cross-party support.

"A national consensus is necessary that the path to a better education is not subject to political resentment but the commitment of all for a better education.

We have a good strategic plan for the coming years - it is enough to implement the same and full of problems in the sector would find solutions ", said Qehaja.

Otherwise, on Friday, schools in Kosovo did not work, as education workers protested demanding the adoption of the Law on Wages.

SBASHK says it regrets the situation which is a consequence of the lack of readiness of the Government for dialogue and commitment in resolving the legitimate demands of workers in education, from kindergartens to universities and culture, but also in sectors other.

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