Transform your bag in three simple steps

Women’s bags can be very heavy, especially if you carry them on one arm all day, but did you know that you can transform each into a practical backpack.

When one arm gets tired, then we pass the bag to the other arm and so on, Telegrafi reports.

However, it is not good for the spine to have the weight and the entire load on one side.

But with the help of this trick that appeared on social networks, you can turn any bag into a backpack, whenever you get tired or just want to change your style.

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Turn each bag over on one arm in these three simple steps:


Place the bag strap over your head.


Sit up to the waist.


Pass the bag over your head.

It is important to lower the bag to the floor for as long as you can, and then place it over your head.

This will work with any bag that has only a slightly longer strap or chain.

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