"The congratulatory letter sent by US President Joseph Biden to President Ilham Aliyev on the occasion of Independence Day is marked by carefully selected diplomatic expressions and special content."

Hikmet Babaoglu, deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee on defense, security and anti-corruption, told APA.

He said the letter looks at the course of US-Azerbaijani relations over the past 30 years.

First of all, drawing attention to the important geopolitical processes taking place in the world, the US President said that the activities of the United States and Azerbaijan in the past have borne fruit at this critical stage.

It is said that 30 years of diversification of energy sources and cooperation in the field of international security are bearing fruit at an important moment in history.

Azerbaijan plays an important role in ensuring and stabilizing the security of European and world markets.

Apparently, the US President assesses the reality, which we usually consider to play an important role in ensuring Azerbaijan's regional security, in a more global context.

This scale has risen to the international level, which in itself can be considered an appreciation of the role of Azerbaijan in the system of international relations.

The second important aspect is that the United States emphasizes the role of Azerbaijan in the fight against global terrorism.

Undoubtedly, this includes not only the support of the US anti-terrorist coalition in the fight against global terrorism, but also the destruction of the Armenian terrorist center in the region by Azerbaijan.

If we add to this the views expressed by Biden in support of Azerbaijan's independence,

Hikmet Babaoglu noted that another important issue in the letter is the views of the US President on the possible peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan: “This is very important in itself.

Joseph Biden said that the United States is ready to help intensify diplomatic contacts between Azerbaijan and Armenia and build economic, transport and interpersonal ties between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which will allow the entire Caucasus and Trans-Caspian region to flourish.

Apparently, the United States assesses the post-war reality on a larger scale, in the context of the Trans-Caspian region, which we consider only as prospects for cooperation in the Caucasus region, which is a sign of the important role that Azerbaijan will play in the future of the region.