Election box closed for Bangkok governor-Sor. Kor. and win votes. Who will be the new governor?

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22 May 2022 17:08





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Closing the box for the governor's election

Bangkok-Election of the House of Representatives, counting the votes in front of the unit

Win the result of knowing who is the new Bangkok governor (unofficially) within tonight. 

On May 22, reporters reported that at 5:00 p.m. officials at the governor's polling station

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has announced the deadline for voting in the Bangkok governor's election.

and reporting on the results of the elections

Votes will be counted at the same time for both the governor's candidates and the Sor.K.A. at the polling station.

Separate the scoreboard for the governor and the Sor. Kor. When each polling station has finished counting the votes

Bring the ballot box and equipment.

along with the polling results report form to be sent to the district office

by the staff to record information in each district

The results of each polling station are recorded through the vote processing system.

which will be sent to a large processing center

To collect and process in an overview of 50 district offices at the Bangkok room

Airawat Pattana Building, Bangkok City Hall, Din Daeng

by the BMA set the target

70% of the population exercised their right to vote.

The results of each polling station will be sent to the polling center at Bangkok City Hall 2 to collect the votes.

and brought to the big projector screen

because the results were reported to the public

Expect to know the unofficial results no later than 21.00 (3 PM)

As for the results of the vote counting for the Bangkok Governor and the Sor Kor. The news team will report later.