The Minister of Defense in Albania, Niko Peleshi said on Saturday that the Albanian authorities have bought Javelin anti-tank missiles to strengthen the defense.

Peleshi said that Albania has signed a contract with the American company, Lockheed Martin, without giving details about the number of missiles purchased, how much they cost and when they will arrive in Albania, reports the Associated Press news agency.

According to him, the purchase of missiles is part of the process of modernizing the army.

Earlier this week, Lockheed Martin said the U.S. military has signed two contracts for $ 309 million worth of Javelin missiles and other equipment.

The contracts are said to include more than 1,300 missiles to fund the Ukrainian military as it fights Russia, as well as international clients, including Norway, Albania, Latvia and Thailand.

"Without creating panic, there is no concrete threat.

We are a NATO member country.

"We are protected," the minister told reporters.

Peleshi also said that NATO does not pose a threat to any country, including Russia.

Three Western Balkan countries, Albania, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro, are members of NATO.

Albania joined this alliance in 2009.

The Government of Kosovo has expressed its willingness to apply for participation in the Partnership for Peace Program and also has aspirations for NATO membership.

Partnership for Peace is a NATO program, which aims to build trust between NATO member states and other countries in Europe.