"Chatchat" announces victory in the election of the governor of Bangkok. Asking to serve everyone. Complete 4 years of work.

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22 May 2022 21:13





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"Chatchat" declares victory, is ready to be the Bangkok governor, completes 4 years of work, holds up to serve all people

You can see differently, but don't be angry.

don't quarrel

We must take care of people equally.

On May 22, at 8:30 p.m., Dr. Chatchat Sitthiphan, an independent candidate

The new Bangkok governor gave a press conference. Thank you all for calling.

Mr Suchachwee

Confirmed that he was ready to participate in the work of the NS.K.P.P.

I called to congratulate

If there is an opportunity to work with the NCPO, the party will go far, no problem.

However, Mr. Wirot left the 12 policies of the party's development, asserted that, in the end, we must overcome the divide.

we must be one

We will make Bangkok

can go forward

Dr. Chatchat continued, "Accept personally, the score is meaningful. Eight years ago, my head was covered, my hands were tied, and I was taken somewhere. I don't know.

But all weren't angry.

or has something to do with the incident

This is our memory

When people get angry and hate each other, it's useless.

This is an important lesson if the Election Commission approves it tomorrow.

I am ready to be the Bangkok governor. 

"I have to serve all the people together. You can disagree, but don't be angry.

don't quarrel

We have to take care of people equally," Dr. Chatchat said...

Dr. Chatchat said that I would like to volunteer to be a leader of hope.

Let us walk together, see differently, but don't be angry, hate each other. I believe that we will make a beautiful Bangkok.

everyone is already happy

I'm touched today

Until now just wait

Election Commission has officially announced

Thank you Chatchat team

"To this day we are free.

We can work together.

I believe that if

Election Commission certifies that we will build Bangkok

It's a nice city for all of us. Thank you. As for the management team, let's see a little overview for 1-2 days. It will be announced for sure" Dr. Chatchat said...

As for asking, the first thing you will do when you enter Bangkok as the governor of Bangkok, I would ask all Bangkok officials to go and read the policy on Chatchart's page, numbering 213 items, asking you to read it carefully.

don't understand, ask

The first thing to do is 213 plans for the policy of 50 districts. Let's study a bit and let's talk.

If you don't agree, we can talk.

Confident in working for 4 years for sure.

"Confirmed, not challenging, but taking the interests of the people as the location.

Tomorrow is ready to talk to Deputy Prime Minister Gen. Anupong, Minister of the Interior after knowing the official results first.

I think this is not a victory, but is an order for the people to talk to," said Dr. Chatchat.