The Food and Veterinary Agency announced on Saturday that it has launched an investigation into a case that occurred in Mitrovica, where several students from Pristina were poisoned during an excursion there.

As stated in the announcement, the students are served in a restaurant, which is in a temporary closure.

The FVA said that they inspected the restaurant premises and food services where 6 samples were taken.

"The restaurant has been inspected in detail in all work and food service areas.

Together with the sampling officer from NIPHK, 6 samples of food products were taken and stripped from the spaces of the cooking environment and kitchen utensils ", it was said in the notification of the FVA.

Further, it is said that the restaurant will be closed until the release of laboratory results.

According to medical reports, patients immediately after receiving treatment have begun to improve.

"The FVA is treating the case with great seriousness and in coordination with other authorities such as Mitrovica Hospital, Kosovo Police and the National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo."

The Telegraph reported yesterday that 12 students of the Primary School "Nexhmi Mustafa" in the village of Besi in Prishtina, were poisoned in the city of Mitrovica, where they had gone for an excursion.

The Director of the Directorate of Health in the Municipality of Mitrovica, Fahri Shabani, said that the Institute of Public Health has taken the samples and that they will then come up with results.

"The important thing is that the health condition of the students is good.

They are being treated at Mitrovica Hospital.

Only two of them have been in more serious condition, while the others are in stable condition.

It is suspected that the poisoning is due to food.

"The Institute of Public Health has taken the samples and then it will come up with results", declared Shabani.