Diplomats of the European Union and the United States wrote letters of solidarity to Belarusian political prisoners on the Day of the Political Prisoner in Belarus, the Swedish Embassy in Belarus reports.

Diplomats express solidarity with political prisoners and once again demand that the Belarusian authorities release them and end political repression against Belarusian citizens.

Belarusian human rights activists have declared May 21 the Day of Political Prisoners in Belarus.

On this day a year ago political prisoner Vitold Ashurak died in Shklou colony № 17 under unknown circumstances.

Due to the political situation in Belarus since July 1, 2020, 1,452 people have received the status of political prisoners, some of them have already been released, as of May 21, 1204 political prisoners in Belarus.

This is an unprecedented situation in the history of Belarus.

Human rights activists demand the release of political prisoners and an end to political repression.