Thai bizarre cult

faith in suffering

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20 May 2022 07:01 a.m.





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Considered as a hot current spark.

Let the society ponder a great deal with

“The Sect of Strange Cults pretends to be the Father of all Prophets” teaches the disciples

"Drinking and eating waste, rubbing off the body" to treat illnesses, becoming "Uat Utri" to create faith among the people to be superstitious.


“Freak beliefs” still appear as a parallel part of society always.

Notice that from difficult times, “Thai people” often have a mental attachment to turn to dependency.

"Supernatural" helps to dispel this suffering that has been developed to be more consistent with the present era.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Kangwon Katchima, a lecturer at the Department of Oriental Languages, Faculty of Archaeology, Silpakorn University, said that bizarre beliefs, mystical things, and bizarre rituals are not new.

But since the Buddha's time was written in many books.

It can occur to many people from ancient times until today, so it is not uncommon in distant societies.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Kangwon Katchima

In the past,

"knowing only that local group"

, the rumors were not very far away.

Compared to this era, it can be observed

"If strange beliefs arise" are often spread through social media.

until able to be recognized all over the world in a short time

Make it a new strange story of the people of this era.

Moreover, “new generation people” tend to wonder about strange things that always happen, which are different from “old people”.

for example

"The story of Phrakhru Phonsamek

or Yaku Khi Fragrant", was a great Thera about 300 years ago, famous for appearing on both sides of the Mekong.

and Laos from the north to the south

You are a virtuous monk.

is respected and respected by the people

It is said that even his faeces did not stink.

Therefore gave a Nemika named

"Yaku Khi Fragrant"

which is a story in the history of the faith until today.

Record the Tripitaka in the story

"Chambukashika", a person who likes to consume excrement, was taken to ordained by a vocational school who did not like alms but secretly ate other people's excrement.

"Claiming to be eating wind", there are people who have been deceived for 55 years.

"Ordained in Buddhism" can finally attain enlightenment as an arahant.

Another story, "Phra Pahiitaru Chiriya Thera" had a career in trading by boat all over the country until the monsoon sea caused a shipwreck.

He was saved alone by using a floating board to land.

that the body has nothing left to hide its shame

had brought leaves and bark to clothe him and asked for food

"People think that he is an arahant." Even he was mistaken for such a perception.

Later, Maha Brahma, an old friend of the past life, transformed into a reminder.

“You are not an Arahant.” Now the Buddha is an Arahant, residing at Wat Phra Chetawan.

therefore went to ask for ordination from the Lord Buddha until he attained the enlightenment as an Arahant

reflects that some people intentionally make people believe;

and some have no intention in the first place

When there are people who are worshiped as magicians, they find rituals that are superior to normal people.

to believe

Bring what has been worshiped as a mental anchor

This kind of matter has always existed until now. As for the “Strange Sect” that appears in the news, it is only a small part.

but outsiders have only seen and perceived

"Make it look strange", the more this behavior in many cases is spread on the online world. The deceptive nature is often seen, reinforcing the "new generation" to be more distrustful than before.

When this disbelief

“Doubts, questions and criticisms abound”


Most of the “faith people” must have interactions that occur as experiences in order to believe their faith completely, for example, in the case of worshiping Chao Mae Takhian.

or sacred trees to ask for the lottery

causing more believers to worship

But the emergence of beliefs as in the case

Most of the “strange sects claiming to be the father” belonged to the minority.

"The appearance of showing respect to create faith power, combined with psychology."

“True magicians” can heal and cure diseases until they are told.

But this is all related to "superstitions" in each school that study subjects to bring good luck, fortune and healing with magic, witchcraft, magic, along with the use of herbs.

even causing harm to others

“In the beginning, there was often no one who believed in it.

But when the villagers are sick, they may be healed.

Or some people pay respect and succeed.

until being told the story of the mood continually

become a believer

Therefore, this exists in Thai society, spreading endlessly in many provinces of the country at the moment.” Asst. Prof. Dr. Kwan

If talking about "superstitions" there are many branches, divided into 2 groups: the first group ... "white superstitions" focus on practicing Dharma.


Learn magic skills to help others, such as cure sickness.

Prevent the dangers caused by demons.

both defense

"Enemy Thief - Enemy" in Invulnerable Spell

Can't shoot, can't get teeth

or used for auspicious ceremonies

"Inherited from ancient times" written as a textbook through the experience of each era until today.

In fact, in the past

"People who study superstitions, magic, spells" never hope for benefits.

often helping to eliminate and dispel the suffering for others

But nowadays, learners intentionally show their influence in public relations hoping to get some benefits.

Therefore, the group of players with

“These beliefs” are therefore a means of generating income, whether from temples, cults, or sects claiming to be magical people.

appearing in Thai society a lot

Some offices have even made hundreds of millions of riches.


"Black occult or black magic"

, people learn to practice will use it in a different way than usual.

in order to harm others

“Students will have taboos,” such as not scolding their parents.

Do not offend the wife

Do not go through the clothesline

At present, they practice lax, not according to the teacher's instruction.

causing the alchemy of the magic to change

when inoperable

"It's something that comes back to you as a punishment", such as being dangerous, painful, or not prosperous.

Once again, someone said that

“Some witch doctors study the occult, increase the power of magic to be strong” by drinking the whole corpse of a dead woman.

but a small group of beliefs

have few successors

Recognized in black magic circles only.

Let's go back to the “precepts practice group”, usually in the past, they were really magical people.

but now believe

“Not true

There is a fake magic technique "because of condescending practice

and performing rituals for the benefit of

“The sect is famous for its sanctity.” It was widely respected by people.

invite you to perform some ceremonies without any concessions

or no other benefits in return

“You are often busy.” So, to put it simply.

“What does it expect in return?” How much faith will these people believe?

and asked, "Why are you ordained as a preceptor, why don't you become a monk...?" Because with the ordination of monks there are many rules.

"When ordained, it may not be able to practice" becomes a contradiction with the discipline.

Therefore, this group of people maintains the gender of the priest by practicing in the precepts.

but the other sex was dressed in white

or in another form instead

The case

of "claiming to be the father"

is a personal cult.

"When strange practices, people have faith," became convinced, set up rules to practice by yourself.

This issue is not only in Chaiyaphum province, but many provinces have many as well.

Especially “Northeastern and Northern Regions” are areas with diverse beliefs. “Central region” has started to have more superstitions.

but is controlled by the state

Making it known only to the "Southern" group, there is another model

The group is strongly regarded as

“Elderly people are suffering from illnesses” and have experienced healing from bad things that have been resolved for good.

Reiterate, no matter how far the country has progressed, as long as we don't believe in ourselves, "faith and faith" is still a refuge when life is difficult.

who waits to be an anchor for Thai people to stay together forever

Ultimately, belief is a matter of individual rights.

can't stop each other

But one should believe consciously without harming oneself.

and the people around you must not be troubled as well...