"Authorities in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) have called on the country's citizens to drink anti-fever tea, as Pyongyang calls COVID-19," the BBC reported.

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The coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) 31526

The Korean Labor Party, Rongon Simbun, has appealed to people to drink hot beverages. symptoms of coronavirus infection (sore throat, cough, etc.), but are not a cure, "said the British media.

"The DPRK has also said that salt water gargles also help fight the disease. cavity and throat clears of viruses, but is not an effective means of protection against COVID-19.  

"Pyongyang has advised people to take painkillers and antibiotics. If the former drugs reduce fever and relieve joint pain, the latter are completely ineffective against COVID-19," added the UK media corporation.

North Korea has officially acknowledged that there are patients and victims of COVID-19 in the country more than two years after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the situation pandemic on February 13, 2020.

Kim Jong-un first appeared with a mask, ordered the elimination of the coronavirus

"Officially, health care in the Asian communist country is free. Refugees from the DPRK told how they were forced to pay under the table to receive quality medical care. Emigrants also said that drugs and vaccines against COVID-19 were smuggled and went directly. for Kim Jong Un

"Kim Jong Un (Hangul 김정은, Hanja 金正恩, English Kim Jong-Un) is a North Korean politician, and his closest entourage," he added.

According to London-based media, China, South Korea and the WHO have offered North Korea about 3 million doses of vaccine, but Pyongyang has turned down supplies.

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The Coronavirus Epidemic (COVID-19)

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