The legal team "Chatchat" is not worried about the campaign sign.

Thank you for helping to spread the policy to save the world.

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18 May 2022 17:20





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Legal department "Chatchart Sitthiphan", a candidate for the Bangkok governor's election 2022, clarified that Srisuwan was not worried about the campaign sign, indicating that it was collected for reuse by himself in the team.

Thank you for helping to spread the campaign to save the world.

Are you going to use the right to vote for the Bangkok governor?


On May 18, 2022, Mr. Teeraphat Charoensuk, Legal Department, the team of Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, candidate for governor of Bangkok (Bangkok Governor) submitted a letter explaining the facts to the Bangkok Election Commission from the case At Mr. Srisuwan Chanya, Secretary-General of the Thai Constitution Protection Organization Association

Filed a request to investigate Mr. Chatchat in case of making a campaign sign that can be used as a bag-apron.

whether it is in the scope of providing, offering, or promising to give or not

I would like to clarify that Mr. Chatchat's campaign banners are made according to the size that complies with the law.

and a pattern for sewing a bag

It has always been clearly announced that

The vinyl campaign banners will only be reused amongst the staff involved.

It is not distributed or sold to third parties.

Whether it's before, during or after the Bangkok governor's election, making such campaign banners is also consistent with the environmental policy.

which is also one of the strategies of the Election Commission (Election Commission)

Mr. Teeraphat further stated that Mr. Chatchat's reusable campaign banners are in line with the Association's mission against global warming.

which Mr. Srisuwan

Served as president of the association

who want to preserve the global environment, reduce waste and make the most of natural resources

I would like to thank Mr. Srisuwan's concern for the complaint.

which helps to spread another way to promote Mr. Chatchart's green campaign in the last corner of the election as well.