There will be an increase in pensions.

What it will be depends on the bills, however.

If the total bill is BGN 2 billion, everything can be covered by the budget.

It was agreed that the threshold for VAT increase would be 100,000. This was explained by Martin Dimitrov from DB in the studio of the morning block of Nova TV.

He said that a measure was being prepared to prevent the consumer from becoming a debtor if payments were delayed.

According to him, there is a logic for differentiated VAT on electricity and energy sources.

It will be reduced from 20% to 11%.

Dimitrov was adamant that a zero rate of bread is not possible.

The MP explained that people will not get the effect they want.

The government will invest in energy efficiency of households

Regarding the idea of ​​a 25-cent discount on fuel, he said: “There should be a database that records how much I have refueled.

This will ensure a limit.

You can charge several times a month, but there is a limit.

According to him, it makes sense for this measure to be for the most needy people.

On the topic of TPP "Maritsa 3" Dimitrov said that there can be no compromise with non-compliance with environmental standards: "If a real repair is made to ensure that it will reduce pollution, the company will be opened immediately."

He was adamant that there are other companies that will follow the fate of TPP "Maritsa 3", because Bulgaria has already been condemned by the EU for non-compliance with environmental standards.

The MP expressed the opinion that the communication in the coalition should be drastically improved.


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