In Guna of Madhya Pradesh, three police personnel were killed by poachers in the early hours of Saturday.

After which the attitude of the government is strict.

It is learned that the third poacher of Guna has also been killed.

Of the poachers who killed five deer and three policemen, three have been killed in the encounter so far.

The accused had hunted deer and peacock for the feast on the intervening night of 13-14 May.

They had opened fire on the police party that went there, in which three policemen including an SI were killed in the encounter.

On the spot, a hunter Naushad also died in the encounter.

The second Shikhari Shahzad was killed in an encounter near Raghogarh hill.

There was information about the third accused escaping to Rajasthan on a motorcycle.

At around 5.30 am today, police surrounded Tejaji Chabutra and asked the accused to surrender, while slamming the motorcycle, the accused Chhotu alias Zaheer tried to run away by firing on the police.

In self-defense, the miscreant was killed in the fire of the police.

Along with this, two other accused have been arrested.

Search is on for three other accused.

After the incident, Home Minister Dr Narottam Mishra had said that the law will take its work strictly.

Understand the criminal well, no one will be spared.

The action will be such that an example will be set.

"The perpetrators of these innocents - Naushad, Shahzad, Gullah, Dilshad and Bablu Khan killed 4 black deer and a peacock to feed 400 marriages.

The Congress is now showing the pictures of these accused with the BJP leaders, while the BJP alleges that the poachers have the protection of the Congress.

Madhya Pradesh BJP President VD Sharma said, "The local people believe that it is their allegation that the people associated with Radhogarh Fort, whose habit has not been used continuously since today....they have always got this kind of protection.... It should be investigated that what is the relation of Digvijay Singh ji with the accused….. the investigating agencies should also investigate in this regard”.

At the same time, Congress leader Jitu Patwari said, "Shivraj ji, you have given Gwalior and Chambal divisions on contract to those people who have become allies to fulfill your lust for power.

You are silent even after the protection of a BJP leader and a minister to the culprits of Guna has come to the fore.

The government took a high level meeting in this matter, said the criminals will not be spared. But in reality, there have been more than 51 attacks on policemen in the last 5 months. Every year around 600 cases of poaching are registered in the state, of which 2500 More than more cases are pending in the court. In 2021, 52205 cases of forest crime have been registered. This situation is also because the forest spread over 308252 sq km in the state. 16898 forest personnel are deployed in the security. More than 4000 of constables and forest guards. More posts are vacant.