The city of Lviv in western Ukraine was shaken by several very powerful explosions, the Associated Press reported.

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An agency team in the city saw bright explosions that lit up the sky west of the city shortly after midnight local time.

According to witnesses, there were at least eight explosions.

A curfew is currently imposed in the city from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am.

The head of the regional military administration, Maxim Kozitsky, published a statement in the Telegram, in which he said that "according to initial information, the air defense has worked".

Lviv Mayor Andrei Sadoviy said on Facebook that there was no confirmed information that the city had been hit by missiles.

"Let us thank those who defend our sky for that," he urged.

"In the morning we will give more accurate information. Take care of yourself and do not ignore the air worries," Sadoviy added, BTA reported.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine