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The results of the jury's "Eurovision" song contest in six of the participating countries have been canceled due to irregularities, according to a European Union Radio and Television (ERC) statement quoted by Euronews. 

The reason is problems with the jury's vote in these countries, but no details have been released.

The irregularities were noticed during the second rehearsal and the second semifinal of the competition, which took place in the Italian city of Turin.

The winner was the Ukrainian band "Kalush Orchestra" with the song "Stephanie".  

The problems were identified in the votes cast by the jury from the six countries, and not in the public vote, the ERC said in a statement. 

Romania: "Eurovision" has changed the assessment of our jury in favor of Ukraine

In order to follow the voting instructions in the competition, the ERC “worked with its voting partner to calculate a replacement overall score for each of the countries in question, both for the second semi-final and the grand final (calculated on the basis of the results of other countries). such a vote) ", the statement said.

It did not mention the countries, but found that monitoring teams found that the points on the jury's vote from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino had been removed. 

Romania's TVR TeVeRe said it was "surprised" by the change in its jury's results. 

The organizers gave a different sum of points to the finalists on behalf of the jury of our country.

We would like to note that the Romanian jury decided to give the maximum number of points to the representatives of Moldova.

We reiterate that neither the jury nor the representatives of TeVeRe were informed after the second semi-final of the suspicions regarding the Romanian vote, a statement said.

Romanian public television describes as "opaque" the way the new results are calculated.

TeVeRe has been asked for an official explanation.

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest is determined by an audience vote and points awarded by a jury in each of the countries participating in the forum.