Volodymyr Zelensky has replaced the head of Ukraine's Territorial Defense Forces almost three months after the start of Russian aggression on his country.

Without giving a reason, the country's defense ministry said today that the Ukrainian president had appointed Major General Ihor Tantsyura to take over from Yuriy Halushkin as commander of the forces that are helping the Ukrainian army to defend the country from Russian occupation, the Telegraph reports.

The Ministry described Mr.

Tantsyura as an experienced officer, who was previously Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Land Forces.

As further stated, the Territorial Defense Forces had grown rapidly since they were created shortly before the start of the aggression and were playing an important role in the war with Russia.

"The explosive growth of the structure, especially in the conditions of intense fighting, is a great experience, (with) mistakes and achievements.

"There are successes and, unfortunately, losses," the ministry said in a statement.

This comes after the ministry said earlier today that a battalion of the Territorial Defense Forces had advanced to the border with Russia after repelling Russian forces that attacked the northeastern city of Kharkiv.