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17 May 2022 04:51





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Thai covids. Good day. Good night. Accepting the first day of school starts.

50 low deaths for the first time in a year

but check when there is a risk

Ready to use a response plan if an infected person is found in a school, while the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education is worried about large schools

Many children take a lunch break together.

After seeing children, they tend to get infected while eating while "Doctor Thira" suggests 5 things to live with coviral-19

emphasized that the disease is endemic

doesn't mean it's not dangerous

Thailand's death toll from coronavirus is still the 3rd highest in the world, 1st in Asia, while North Korea is in serious condition.

After the number of people infected with coronavirus surges

Over 1.2 million people in one week, half a hundred deaths.

Situation of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) epidemic situation in Thailand as of May 16, the Center for the Epidemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) ) or Prof. reported a total of 5,238 new cases, categorized as 5,236 domestic patients, 2 foreign patients, 3,445 ATK tests, including 2,155,649 cumulative patients since January 1, 2022. Confirmed since 2020, 4,379,084 people recovered, 9168 returned home, 4,282,767 total since 2020, 66,805 patients are being treated, 1,271 pneumonia patients, 17 per province average, 613 intubated intubation, bed occupancy rate 100 16.4 each

Another 40 patients died, aged 38-100, 21 were male, 19 were female, 39 were Thai, 1 was Syrian, classified by age.

People aged 60 years and over, 30 people with chronic disease, 9 people, no history of chronic disease, 1 person when viewed by region

It was found that the northeastern region still had the highest number of deaths at 19, while the southern region had no fatal cases.

Total of 7,814 cumulative deaths since January 1, 2022, while 29,512 cumulative deaths since 2020. As for the vaccination on May 15, an additional 77,750 doses can be injected, including cumulative injections from the date of 28 Feb 2021 amount 135,671,274 doses

For 10 provinces, the highest number of new cases of RT-PCR (RT-PCR) was recorded. The first is Bangkok 1,750, followed by Surin with 282, Buriram 197, Khon Kaen 172, Chonburi 142, Ubon Ratchathani 139, Roi Et 120, Samut Prakan 119, Nakhon Ratchasima 111. people and Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 89 people

On the same day, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teera Woratanarat, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

Facebook post that

The number of infected people worldwide has exceeded 521 million, and the total number of deaths is 6.2 million. The top five infected are Taiwan, Australia, Japan, Italy and South Korea. Thailand's epidemic situation from Worldometer data showed that on May 15, the number of New infections, including ATK, the 8th highest in the world and 4th in Asia while the number of deaths

It is the 3rd highest in the world and 1st in Asia, although the Ministry of Health has adjusted the reporting system since May 1, causing the number of reported deaths to decline, accounting for 27.27% of all deaths. As reported by Asia, the daily number of deaths per million inhabitants.

that of Thailand

There are also weekly average rates that are higher than global and Asian averages.

death rate

Excess from all causes (excess mortality rate) on May 1

2022 compared to the previous year with an outbreak

will find that it is still as high as 21 percent

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teera further stated that

Living with COVID-19 is 1. You should be aware of it.

Use the right knowledge to make decisions and behave appropriately.

To make yourself and your family have safety and security in life.

2. Assess life risks

Choose to take risks that are inherently acceptable and manageable.

without causing trouble to close people

and others in society

3. Don't be fooled

Pretending that the war on disease is over, even though it's not over 4. No matter what area

that cannot be managed to control and prevent disease effectively

It would result in a severe, long-lasting outbreak that spread throughout the country until the end of the colony.

It's hard to find the cause.

reflects the fact that different areas are a disease-carrying land

It is an area where the disease is plentiful.

local by default

Difficult to find a way to get rid of 5.

Endemic disease doesn't mean it's not dangerous, mild, or becoming a common cold.

There are many diseases that

local around the world

but made him seriously ill

die a lot

It is recommended that you wear a mask correctly and regularly.

is the key to sustaining survival and reducing risks in daily life

until the situation around the world improves

While Prof. Dr. Yong Phuworawan, head of the expert center

Specialized in clinical virology

Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine

Chulalongkorn University

The Facebook post about the mRNA 3-dose booster vaccine following the inactivated vaccine has been very effective. A number of studies have been reported to support our study.

As can be seen in the latest report

published in the journal Nature Communication.

by Swedish researchers

jointly studied in many countries

and use a lot less samples than us.

and several studies have shown the same results.

as confirmation of each other

From our reports compiled and under consideration for publication in the journal

It works well with the omikron species as well.

Dr. Yong also stated that

From the data, it is clear that a lethal primary vaccine such as Sinovac Sinofarm and the Pfizer triple booster dose at 5 to 7 months after the 2nd dose has the same effect as the Pfizer 3 vaccine. Needles. Different types of vaccinations will complement each other.

and make the immune system wider

Specifically, stimulation in the T cell system has the same effect.

equal to those who have been infected before.

and then boosted with mRNA vaccine (Study data in Sweden). In the past, Thailand has lost a lot of this opportunity. However, giving it to children is believed to have the same effect.

Prof. Dr. Wasan Chantrathit, Head of the Medical Genome Center

Faculty of Medicine

Ramathibodi Hospital revealed that from tracking the Covid-19 strain

of the Medical Genome Center

which is processed every week

Most of them took samples of COVID-19.

from a private hospital in Bangkok

Other provinces received some

Approximately 100 samples per week have been collected. Recently, the BA.4-BA.5 subspecies of omikron has not been found in Thailand and the center is still closely monitoring.

As for the opening of the big semester at the same time across the country on May 17, Mr. Suphat Champathong, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education (MOE) revealed that readiness

The Prof. has prepared for the first semester, with schools that have passed the Thai Stop Covid assessment to request on-site opening of almost 100 percent. The part that hasn't passed the assessment is now under renovation

Vaccination section for teachers

The second injection is now almost 100 percent complete.

And there are some who are gradually injecting the 3rd and 4th needles. As for students aged 12-18 years, there is nothing to worry about. Those whose parents have allowed them to gradually inject the second needle, almost complete. It is expected that soon after the semester starts, it will be complete. all

But what they are worried about is the group of children 5-11 years old. Currently, only about 55 percent of the first needle can be injected, partly because we started the injection during the semester break.

But after school starts, I understand that everything should be faster.

The Permanent Secretary also said that

The concern is that large schools with more than 2,000 children will have to manage the number of students well around the dining time.

distance according to measures

Children must not be too crowded.

Since everyone has to wear a mask when eating, therefore, children must be advised not to talk during the meal.

because of the information that has been reported in the past

Children are more prone to infection during meals.

Therefore, special instructions are required for this, washing hands, wearing masks, and measures 6-6-7 are also matters that all schools must be aware of and strictly follow.

Not the first week of the semester. Strictly take care of each other fully.

But as time passes, it becomes habitual and loose. These are things every school has to remind itself and emphasize to children all the time.

Dr. Kiatpoom Wongrachit, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, said that before the start of semester 1/2565 on May 17, there were 4 consecutive days off, making it possible to travel.

Including activities to gather both parents and students before school starts

Without full self-protection, they can infect and infect each other unknowingly.

Due to the vast majority of omikron strains, infected people tend to be asymptomatic.

And when a normal semester starts, there may be a large number of infections in the school.

Therefore, before returning to the teaching system as usual, ask parents, students, teachers and educational personnel to

Assess your own risk first.

In case of risk or symptoms of illness, ATK should be checked immediately.

The Permanent Secretary also said that

I would like to reiterate that there is no compulsory ATK test before entering the class.

and does not require regular check-ups every 3-5 days or every week

But ask to be examined when there is a risk or when there are preliminary symptoms. It is advisable to protect yourself at all times.

by wearing a mask, social distancing, washing hands, screening, reducing congestion and cleaning

including receiving complete vaccinations

The group of secondary school children aged 12-18 years should receive stimulation needles.

And elementary school children aged 5-11 years should receive complete vaccination.

This will help reduce the risk of severe symptoms and death. If an infected person is found in a school, follow a response plan.

There is no need to close the whole school like in the past.

On the same day, KCNA news agency

North Korean state media reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Ordered the army to deal with the distribution of medicines.

in Pyongyang

capital of the country

The report states that

Speaking at the Politbureau, Mr Kim said:

Medicines provided by the government

not being delivered to the people at the right time

in Pyongyang

Meanwhile, the latest reports show that the number of confirmed cases in North Korea has surpassed 1 million after North Korea announced last week that it had experienced its first outbreak of coronavirus, the KCNA reported. 392,920 more people died while the death toll increased by 8, bringing the latest number of patients in North Korea to 1,213,

550 people, the cumulative death toll rises to 50 as China's government announced that it will relax measures to prevent Covid-19

in shanghai

Let people return to normal life on June 1