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16 May 2022 07:00





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May 13, 2022 recorded in "Thailand" reported 7,779 additional "Covid-19" cases, ATK 7,893, total 15,672 Number of pneumonia cases 1,277 people, the previous week 1,622 people, a decrease of 21.27%, the number of patients using tracheal tubes 644 Last week, 778 people, down 17.22%.

Today's total number of ATK infections is 20.61% “greater than” the week before, but 40.37% less than the previous two weeks. 148 healthcare workers (30 males, 116 females, unspecified 2).

Looking at the outbreak graph comparing the total number of infections, RT-PCR and ATK between four omikron waves and three from

In Thailand, we have about 3 times more outbreak, which is more consistent with the actual situation over the past period than just looking at the graph of outbreaks that only reported the number of RT-PCR.

It is well known that...the balance is "lower" than the "real" situation.

Until today...reported number of RT-PCR infections is 4,361,016 people, ranked 24th in the world, 9th in Asia, but if looking at ATK statistics, there will be 2,040,447 people infected since July 31, 64 until the present. A total of 6,401,463 people will move up to 18th in the world, 7th in Asia.

With the aforementioned number of infections, although the overlap...overlapping of those who tested for ATK and tested for RT–PCR, it would be in a small proportion.

Due to the limited capabilities of RT–PCR systems, accessibility issues, cost, and reported use of ATK only started in the aftermath of the third wave of outbreaks.

As well as being adjusted to enter the care system immediately without RT-PCR testing during the epidemic, the numbers are unlikely to fluctuate much.

It does not include people who check ATK who do not report into the system.

However, it is inevitable that 5.5-6 million people or more...

Emphasizes the issue of Long COVID, which can be found in approximately 20-40% and can occur in all symptom groups.

Both asymptomatic, mild symptoms and severe symptoms, all genders, all ages

“The vaccination, despite the research that

The risk was reduced by approximately 41%, depending on the vaccine type.

But there are other researches to debunk that.

May not reduce the chances of trying covid.

So we have to wait for a large study to prove it in the future.”

look at the best scene

If you think that vaccination can actually help reduce the risk.

However, the number of patients who will suffer from covid problems may be up to

600,000–1,200,000 or more

This is a challenge that we should be aware of, prepare for it, protect ourselves and our family well...if anyone has been infected before.

It should prevent re-infection.

They should also regularly assess their own health.

If abnormal from the past

You should consult your doctor for early examination.

Focusing on the economic value lost from

"Long COVID"

... Culter D published an analysis of this article in the JAMA Forum on May 12, 2022. There will be patients who have problems trying covid.

with at least 9.6 million having 3 or more abnormal symptoms

That's 10 times the number of people who have died from COVID-19.

It is also interesting that one survey found that

Of those who suffer from this problem, 44% are unable to work and 51% have to limit their working hours.

when assessing the overall picture of the economic system

It is estimated that more than 1 million workers will be out of the system, causing at least $50 billion in lost income per year.

Emphasize that there are many symptoms of covid-19.

which cannot be fully assessed in a short time

But if you look at the common symptoms such as fatigue ... chronic fatigue

If the cost of care is equivalent to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), chronic fatigue syndrome will still cost about $9,000 per person per year.

But...if there are other serious diseases

Both cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological disease

It will cost much more than this.

Therefore, it can be seen that

The impact will not stop at the labor shortage.

Lack of income from individual work

but will affect the overall productivity of the country

including the cost of treating long-term covid conditions

and compensation or social welfare to help

This led to an estimated economic loss from

"Long COVID"

that could be as high as $2.6 trillion.

All of the above information,

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teera Woratanarat,

Faculty of Medicine

Chulalongkorn University

Post a personal Facebook page

"Thira Woratanarat (Pa Mee Keen)"

and reinforce the view for Thailand that

personally assessed that

If the number of officially reported cases (RT-PCR) is taken into account, combined with the number of ATK tests, the number of infected people is about 5-6 million, even after vaccination.

And hopefully it will have some effect in reducing the risk of having to try covids.

There may still be patients who are experiencing this problem.

600,000-1,200,000 people

which is a very high number

and need to prepare the support system

including care, counseling and various social support systems

“Providing timely knowledge to people is very important.

To realize that the problem with covid has many symptoms.

Many body systems are chronic.

suggest ways to assess one's health status

and approaches to accessing services.”

There should be a data collection system.

to be used in planning future policies and measures, and most importantly

Making people aware of the epidemic situation that is still ongoing, spread throughout, regularly protecting themselves during daily life...working, trading, studying

It's something that needs to be done on a regular basis.

“Wear a mask.

avoid risky activities

risky behavior

risky place

It's best not to be infected.

Covid...infected...not just you

Covid... not the end of the disappearance and death

But the long-term suffering is Long COVID.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teera Woratanarat concluded that

Now, each day, there are people who know each other more and more.

Please protect yourself well.

including personal life, family, school and work

...has both "new infections" and "re-infected"

current medical information

Repeated infections tend to be more severe.

The important thing doesn't end, just disappear or die.

But it can be a long-term covid test.