Wheat Export Ban: Chinese media defends India (symbolic picture)


 on Sunday

opened a front

against the G7 countries

 in favor of

India .

The G7 countries were criticizing India's decision to limit wheat exports.

China said that blaming developing countries like India will not solve the global food crisis.

Last week, the Indian government revised the wheat export policy to put

wheat exports in the

"restricted" category.

This order was issued by the Ministry of Commerce.

It said that the government has banned the export of wheat "with immediate effect".

But amidst this report, it is surprising that the Chinese media stood up against the criticism of India being made by the Group of 7 Most Powerful Countries (G7) of the world.

The Global Times, the Chinese government's mouthpiece, said, "blaming India will not solve the food crisis."

At the same time, Global Times said, "Now the Agriculture Minister of G7 countries is appealing to India that India should not ban the export of wheat. So why do not the G7 countries themselves balance the supply of the food market by increasing their exports. ?"

Chinese media further said, although India is the second largest producer of wheat in the world, India has a very small share in global wheat exports.

In contrast, in some developing economies, including the US, Canada, the European Union and Australia, these countries are some of the world's largest wheat exporters.  

According to the Global Times, some Western countries have no right to criticize India if they decide to reduce wheat exports in view of the possible global food crisis, as India is already under pressure to protect its food supply. .   

The article argues that G7 countries are welcome to deal with the global food crisis and advise against criticizing developing countries such as India.   

At the same time, India had issued a press release on Saturday saying that stopping the export of wheat will help in controlling food prices and will strengthen India's food security.

India is a reliable supplier and respects all its agreements.