According to the Secretary General of the Alliance

Jens Stoltenberg,

objections to this were removed even by Turkey, which previously had them.

What are the implications of this round of NATO enlargement?

DW offers its answers.

  • The length of Russia's common border with allies will double to 2,600 kilometers.

  • NATO is approaching Russia's borders: the Alliance's border will be just 200 kilometers from St. Petersburg.

  • Finland can mobilize up to 280,000 troops, the Finnish army is well trained and equipped.

  • All countries with access to the Baltic Sea, except Russia, will become members of the Alliance.

    NATO will make it easier to conduct operations in the region.

  • Sweden has 5 very modern submarines and more than 100 modern fighters.

  • The Alliance will control the territory of the island of Gotland, from which it is possible to protect most of the Baltic Sea, as well as the Baltic countries.