The National People's Democratic Republic announced that the flag was raised.

Sor. Kor. Thonburi District

Explain the reason for not sending people to compete for Bangkok governor.

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15 May 2022 19:18





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The final round of the election campaign

Phalang Pracharath takes 15 Sor Kor. candidates to pay homage to King Taksin.

Hope to raise the flag to win all districts on the Thonburi side

Clarify not to send people to compete for Bangkok governor to work independently to inspect

Are you going to use the right to vote for the Bangkok governor?


On May 15, 2022, Mr. Apichai Taechaubol, Director of the Bangkok Council Election Center (Sor Kor.), Palang Pracharat Party

Along with applicants for Sor Kor. 15, Thonburi side, consisting of Mr. Ashwin Sitabutr, Klongsan District, Mr. Peerapat Srising, Thonburi District, Ms. Panthira


Bangkok Yai District, Mr. Min Laksitanon Khet Chomthong, Mr. Somphon Kongkorat Khet Bangbon, Mr. Roeng Muangchoom Khet Bang Khae, Ms. Natchaphak Kornkasem Khet Nong Khaem, Mr. Suphawet Rananan Khet Ratburana, Mr. Pongphat Piamsawat, Thung Khru District, Mr. Cholapruek Wongaruniomniyom, Thawi Watthana District, Mr. Phad Naijon Khet Bangkoknoi, Mr. Sittichok Kloysang, Mr. Talingchan District, Mr. Sirinrin

Winichayachinda, Bang Phlat District, Mr. Chuchat Yimngam, Phasi Charoen District and Mr. Noppadon Kowboonyarasri

Bang Khun Thian District

Pay homage to King Taksin the Great

at the big circle

It is an announcement to flag all 15 areas on the Thonburi side.

As for the question of whether the Pracharat Party

Not sending candidates for the governor of Bangkok (Governor of Bangkok), will there be problems with selecting candidates for the Sor Kor or not? Mr. Apichai replied that the administration of Bangkok under Section 9 consists of the Council of Bangkok and the Governor. Bangkok, which is important, the two parts cannot be separated from each other.

Today, let's emphasize the role of the Sor. Kor. To monitor the use of the budget of Bangkok.

“There is a trend saying that we are not sincere.

Why not send the governor? We would like to answer that we do not send the governor.

It is because we are sincere, our SEC will be able to work independently to check.

no quarrel

don't be afraid of anyone

We work with every governor. In fact, the SAO is very important.

not defeated by the governor

Because inspection is the heart of Bangkok's development.”