"There are no difficulties in selling diesel and A-92 fuel at SOCAR-branded filling stations operating in our country."

Spokesman for SOCAR PETROLEUM CJSC Uzeyir Habibbayli told APA.

Uzeyir Habibbayli said that the sale of these fuels is carried out without interruption.

In order to carry out, receive and store wholesale oil products, SOCAR PETROLEUM CJSC's oil terminal bases (NTB) operate in Baku and other regions of the country: “There are 11 of them in the country.

Along with other types of fuel, diesel fuel is sold wholesale at these NTBs.

Thus, in order to meet the demand for oil products, other filling stations and local entrepreneurs in the country can meet their needs by purchasing enough oil products from the above-mentioned oil terminal bases owned by SOCAR PETROLEUM CJSC, as well as diesel fuel.


The company carries out wholesale and retail sales of oil products in the country.

We have not been instructed to increase fuel prices.

In general, the prices of domestically produced fuels are regulated by the tariff council.

The price of imported fuels is determined by the free market. "