Supporters of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) have attacked the Turkish Consulate General in Paris, Turkish state television TRT-Haber reported.

During the attack the night before, windows of the building were broken and material damage was caused to the outer fence of the consulate.

The attackers managed to escape.

The outlawed PKK group claimed responsibility for the attack.

In addition to Turkey, Syria and Iraq, supporters of the group are active in many countries in Western Europe.

Meanwhile, Kurdish fighters attacked Syria from Turkish territory yesterday.

One soldier was killed and four people - three military and one civilian - were injured in a mortar attack by Kurdish fighters.

The Kurdish Workers' Party, which has been waging an armed struggle against the Turkish state since 1984, is seen as a terrorist organization by Ankara, the EU and the United States.

Turkey has killed 42 PKK fighters in a new operation in northern Iraq