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North Korea has announced the first case of infection with the omicron variant of KOVID-19, reported AFP, BTA and Yonhap.

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Omicron - the new coronavirus variant 771

Authorities have confirmed that samples taken from patients with fever in the capital, Pyongyang, are identical to the highly contagious version of omicron, according to the Korean Central Telegraph Agency (CCTA).

The leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim Jong Un, has vowed to overcome the "unexpected crisis", the CCTA added.

For this purpose, a strict quarantine system is introduced.

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"The goal was to remove the root as soon as possible," the leader said at an emergency meeting.

The Supreme Leader "assured us that thanks to the high political awareness of the population, we will certainly overcome the emergency situation and succeed with the emergency quarantine project," the CCTA added.

Omicron - the new coronavirus variant

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