The Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, Glauk Konjufca, speaking about the Special Court, said that from the beginning it has been a harmful process.

Konjufca stated that he also told the deputies at the beginning that if the Special Court was not established, Kosovo would not have lost anything.

According to him, the establishment of the Special Court was a mistake, and now Kosovo is fulfilling all its obligations under the international agreement, including financial support in terms of defense.

Regarding the possibility that in the future he will visit the former KLA leaders in The Hague, Konjufca said that he will visit all those detained in The Hague.

"When the time comes to visit them in The Hague, I will visit them and meet everyone there," Konjufca told RTK.

Konjufca also spoke about Kurti's visit to the US, which has been considered low-level by the opposition because he failed to meet with senior US officials.

He considered that Kurti had important meetings for the development of Kosovo, in economic terms.

"I think the IT sector is for a promising future, for the youth.

"Kurti has shown from the beginning what he is going to the US for," he said.