Identify anxiety by analyzing walking

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12 May 2022 10:01 a.m.





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A lot of previous research has reported that


May affect a person's gait and balance.

Can anxiety really be seen from walking?

The research team, which includes students from Clarkson University.

In New York State, USA, work with a specialist in physical therapy.

Research has published on how anxiety can affect a person's walking and balance.

The research team revealed that

are interested in using machine learning

or assigning computers to be able to perform self-learning tasks

To determine whether the computer operation could determine whether the subjects had concerns based on their balance and the way they walked.

The research team had each volunteer complete a questionnaire to measure their feelings of anxiety.

Then take a balance test and walk for 2 minutes wearing the sensor.

from these information

The team concluded that young people who reported walking nervously in a manner similar to older adults were highly fearful of falls.

The team found that anxious young people were often looking for side-to-side threats as they walked and had difficulty turning.

The researchers found

The best way to identify

The person who is worried is walking.

The team succeeded in identifying people of concern with 75% accuracy, which is consistent with two previously published research.

And based on these findings, the research team believes that if more individual data were collected,

The more accurate the model, the more data will be collected in larger studies to see if better results are obtained.