"Ung Ing" goes to the area to ask for Sor Kor.

I miss my father and look at the child's face first.

I'm glad people haven't forgotten father-ah.

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12 May 2022 10:33 a.m.





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"Patthongtharn" leads a team of Sor Kor candidates to ask for the Sainet market score.

See the face like a father, begging, thinking about the father, looking at the child's face first

I want to get as many seats as possible in order to push the policy

I'm pleased that people ask about "Father-A" wanting to LINE to tell.

Are you going to exercise your right to vote for the Bangkok governor?


On May 12, 2022, at 7:00 a.m. at Sainet Market, Khan Na Yao District, Ms. Paethongtarn Shinawatra, head of the Pheu Thai Party, along with Mrs. Puangpetch Chunla-la-am, Director of Election of the House of Representatives.

Pheu Thai Party Mr. Wichan Minchainan, chairman of the Bangkok Pheu Thai Party

on the campaign ground for

Candidate of the House of Representatives of the Fang Thon Party

of the Pheu Thai Party, consisting of Mrs. Chayada Wiphatipraterang, Kannayao district candidate No. 5, Pheu Thai Party, Mr. Natiphum Mingruchiralai or DJ Nob, Bueng Kum District Assembly candidate No. 3, Pheu Thai Party. Ms. Mathuros Bent, Saphan Sung District Assembly candidate, number 3, Pheu Thai Party, Ms. Napassorn Phalaraweepong, Bangkapi District Election Commissioner candidate number 4, Pheu Thai Party, the atmosphere is lively.

Vendors, people who come to buy things.

greeted and said that the face looked like

Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra, former Prime Minister Ms. Paethongtarn replied that

“You look like Auntie.”

Ms. Phaethongthan was friendly and asked to take a commemorative photo.

By Ms. Phaethongthan

has informed the policy of the Pheu Thai party to the shoppers.

and asked for votes for the candidates of the Pheu Thai Party

in the election

Later, at 8:30 a.m., Ms. Phaethongthan and the group traveled in a minibus.

Kao Saen Village, Suan Siam Road to continue campaigning, there are people in the area who support the Pheu Thai Party waiting to be welcomed.

Then Ms. Phaethongtharn

Knocked on the door to ask for votes for the applicants.

Each house opens its doors to a friendly welcome.

Some people say hello

"You look like your father.

I miss my father so

much.” Ms. Paethongthan then replied,

"Think of the father, look at the child's face first." Then Ms. Paethongtarn said to the visitors that

Thank you for coming to welcome

I'm glad to be able to visit the area. I want to leave "Sor Kor Koi" number 5 in her heart" before some elderly people said to Ms. Phaethongthan.

that I want to be Prime Minister

Then Ms. Phaethongthan gave an interview that

If the Pheu Thai Party is elected, it will push for policies for the people.

Whoever is the most important people's government

Pheu Thai Party will push to help people

Especially the policy of 50 districts, 50 hospitals because of the past covids, people did not have access to treatment, lack of medicine, lack of bed, which should not be the case.

When asked not to send applicants, the governor

Will the BMA affect the party's decision to elect a member of the House of Representatives?

Ms. Phaethongtarn said that the Pheu Thai Party's MPs presented clear policies that benefit the people of Bangkok.

who is the governor

We are ready to work with everyone.

I want to choose a lot of the Sor. Kor. for Thai people.

to push the policy

If we don't have enough MPs

The proposed policy will be difficult.

And we are democracy no matter who enters it.

Sor Kor. We are ready to work with the best.

When asked about how many people she thought she would get from the campaign site, Ms. Phaethongthan said that she personally wanted it very much.

But in the end it depends on the people.

When asked if the final vote of the Progressive Party's vote might cut off with the Pheu Thai Party, Ms. Phaethongtarn said that initially she supported Pheu Thai for our MPs to get a lot of votes.

Because the policy we propose is sure that it will benefit the people of Bangkok.

also asked for the opportunity for the Pheu Thai Party

When asked whether the frequent field trips were rehearsals for the big stadium or not, Ms. Paethongthan said no, she intended to help the NRA candidates, not campaigning for herself.

because the SEC is working hard

Let it be the work of the Sor. Kor., not his work.

When asked about going on the field, people asked about Thaksin and Ms. Yingluck, Ms Paethongthan said,

“It's also difficult for Ing.

Both Father Khun Aing is very close to both of them. They meet often. When someone asks like this, they want to line up for both of them that there is still someone to support them.

Now, both Facebooks can take pictures with you with technology that can make you miss each other.

But Ing, after the election is over, he has free time to fly to find him and take Nong Thitharn with him because they both complain about missing him.”

And since he came into politics, he is still the same person with his family and friends.

just have new functions added

When asked what she felt proud of being a Shinawatra, Ms. Paethongtarn said that she was proud of what her father had done in the past.

Wherever you go nowadays, you will hear feedback about the benefits.

The welfare of the father

which these missions are in their eyes all the time, making them feel proud

Even though my father had not lived in Thailand for 13 years, the people were still grateful for what he had done.

And myself, as a daughter, is grateful on behalf of my father.

He felt proud of his father and uncle.

He will continue to work for the people.

When asked what she thinks of female politicians, Ms. Paethongtarn replied that it's not a problem. At present, there are all women in interviews.

Women can be leaders and everyone can be leaders too.