The 155-millimeter howitzers sent by the United States to Ukraine are already used on the front.

APA reports quoting CNN that Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar said this at a briefing.

Along with Javelins and Stingers, 155-millimeter American howitzers are already used on the front.

We are working to speed up relief efforts, which means the lives of our soldiers, "he said.

A US Defense Department official told reporters yesterday that 89 of the 90 howitzers the United States had agreed to send to Ukraine had already been delivered to Ukraine.

Anna Malyar stressed that the weapons sent by Kiev's foreign partners are routinely supplied, despite Russia's efforts to destroy Ukraine's transport infrastructure: "We have already received a large number of weapons.

But now we have entered the stage of rhythmic supply of weapons to Ukraine. "

Anna Malyar added that all this assistance will allow Ukraine to continue the protracted conflict: "We are entering a new phase of the war.

Russia finds itself in a situation where it cannot win the "technology war."

He also noted that Ukraine's supply lines have been strengthened.

He noted that strategic steps have been taken to develop Ukraine's local defense industry and military orders have been issued to local producers by the end of the year.