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The hacker group Anonymous has claimed responsibility for hacking the Russian music application RuTube, the equivalent of YouTube.

This was reported by the "Anonymous" in their Twitter account, Ukrainian media report. 

According to them, the video service will never be restored. 

"Nearly 75% of the databases and infrastructure of the base version, 90% of the backup and database recovery cluster were severely affected," the report said.

RuTube was hacked on the morning of May 9. 

RyuTube, Russia's YouTube counterpart, is down due to a cyber attack

The hacker attack is blocking the parade and addressing Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

RuTube announced on social media that the biggest hacker attack was carried out against them, promising access to the application to be restored soon. 

At the same time, information appeared in the Russian media that the situation was much more serious.

A RuTube source said that "the site code has been completely removed" and now the video service is "irrecoverable".

JUST IN: #Anonymous hacked Russia's video platform 'RuTube'

Nearly 75% of the databases and infrastructure of the main version and 90% of the backup and cluster to restore the databases have been severely affected, that means #RuTube is probably GONE FOREVER.


- Anonymous TV (@YourAnonTV) May 10, 2022

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