It is currently under investigation.

Even if I have information, I will not share it.

An inspection is being carried out.

There is information about the car with which the perpetrators were.

It is not proper to disclose information.

I also want the crime to be revealed in the first hour, but for now it is, I'm sorry.

This was stated by Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov during the hearing of a meeting of the Committee on Internal Security and Public Order in the National Assembly, a reporter reported.

His words are in response to a question from Manoil Manev from GERB-UDF about the armed robbery in Sofia today.

Boyko Rashkov with details about the structural changes in the Ministry of Interior

When asked by the MRF about the dissatisfaction of the unions, about the reforms in the Ministry of Interior, Minister Rashkov said that they are aware of the forthcoming changes.

So far, they have not given their opinion.

According to Boyko Rashkov

Rashkov was born on September 28, 1954 in the village of Ognyanovo, Blagoevgrad region.

Graduated in law in Sofia most of the firefighters are satisfied.

They participated with proposals for the reform, it became clear from his words.

He said it was good to form volunteer detachments in the settlements.

However, some of the mayors did not cooperate.

The Interior Minister blamed the actions of the trade unions in the Ministry of Interior.

"The salaries of the employees of the Ministry of Interior must be increased.

The funds they receive are 25% higher than those of the security police and lower than those of the SANS employees.

I have a great desire to double their salaries, but this cannot happen, "said Minister Rashkov.

Expect details.

Boyko Rashkov

armed robbery