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A barge loaded with 1,500 tonnes of coal from Russia has sunk in the Romanian port of Constanta.

The reasons for the accident are not known, and the Environment Agency is worried about the risk of pollution, Digi 24 TV reported, quoted by BTA.

The vessel had to join a convoy of barges that were to cross the Danube-Black Sea canal.

While in port, however, the barge began to fill with water and, despite the efforts of the workers who pumped it, eventually sank.

The Romanian Maritime Service has ordered an investigation.

There are currently two hypotheses about the accident: either incorrect placement of the load, or the appearance of a crack that led to filling with water and sinking of the barge.

The flagship of the Russian fleet sank in the Black Sea

According to television, the barge is from Germany and is owned by Serbia.

The 1,500 tons of coal were transported from Russia and were to reach Serbia.

Workers have installed a limiter to prevent the cargo from reaching the open sea.

Traces of oil have appeared on the surface, which is why the Environmental Protection Service was contacted.

The Romanian Maritime Service has contacted the shipowner in connection with the incident.

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