In search of the mortal remains of persons missing during the war in Kosovo, from today began the assessment excavations at the marked location near the Mine in Staval, near Sijenica, in the territory of Serbia.

As reported by the Office of the Prime Minister, the delegation of the Republic of Kosovo has repeatedly asked the representatives of Serbian institutions to share any information they may have in their archives, but also the information provided in the meantime for this location, emphasizing that families continue to live with the pain and anxiety of waiting to know the fate and whereabouts of their loved ones who went missing violently during the war.

"The excavations started after the end of last week, through the International Committee of the Red Cross, satellite images were provided, which in the coming days will be analyzed by experts, in order to specify the possible location of the mass grave," it said. in the announcement, Telegrafi reports.

The announcement further states that on the first day of the assessment excavations, present at the location from Kosovo were representatives of the Government Commission for Missing Persons, experts from the Institute of Forensic Medicine, representatives from the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Resource Center for Missing Persons.

The forensic experts of the Republic of Kosovo will continue to stay on site to observe the works during the following period.

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo remains committed to continuing its work by giving priority to shedding light on the fate and whereabouts of the missing, better legal and institutional treatment of their families and the establishment of justice for crimes committed during the war in Kosovo, it is said. in the notice.

The fate of more than 1,600 people forcibly disappeared from Serbia during the war in Kosovo is still unknown.

Despite requests from family members and various organizations in Kosovo for their bodies to be returned from Serbia, this has been dragged out by the Serbian state and has not yet been done.

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