The first Albanian Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dritan Abazovic, has announced that he is in favor of the regional initiative "Open Balkans", where Kosovo and the country he now leads have refused to participate.

He even says that this initiative is designed to include the six countries of the Western Balkans.

He said that it is Kosovo that benefits the most by being part of this initiative.

The "Open Balkans" is made for six states, it is not made for five and a half states or three and a half states, or for 4.7 states, but for six states.

Everyone who participates represents themselves and their state.

"My opinion, maybe I am wrong, is that the biggest interest in the region is for Kosovo to be in every regional initiative", said Abazovinë to Klan Kosova.

The head of the Montenegrin government says that if Kosovo changes its position and participates, then in a way it will be recognized by Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"That way at that moment, maybe in the informal beginning, you are familiar.

"The same as in the Berlin Process, because if the German chancellor calls on the six Balkan states to participate, each of them represents his own state."

Abazovic also spoke about the discussions that this regional initiative is a project of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to create a "Greater Serbia", which he says does not make sense given that Albania is part of the "Open Balkans".

"There has been and there is a fear that it is a project of 'Greater Serbia' and Vucic, although it is strange that Albania is part of a project related to 'Greater Serbia' - but it can be a political narrative. .

The main thing is to increase trust between the regional states and for this to happen there must be communication and this only happens twice a year - in Berlin and Vienna where we met the prime ministers last June, where there is a conversation or a drink. coffee and no one communicates with anyone anymore I think that's the wrong way.

"I do not know who is the person who likes to wait at the border, I am not talking only about tourists from Kosovo to Montenegro, but also the citizens of Montenegro who want to go to Serbia, Montenegro or anywhere else in the region." said the Prime Minister of Montenegro.