The winners of the Pulitzer Prize for Literature, Journalism, Music and Theater have been announced.

APA reports quoting the Twitter page of the Pulitzer Prize that this year's award in the field of journalism was given to members of the Ukrainian media.

"Congratulations to Ukrainian journalists," the Pulitzer Prize-winning Twitter page said.

It is reported that Ukrainian journalists have won the 2022 Pulitzer Prize.

The award was established by Hungarian-American publisher Joseph Pulitzer.

Each year in April, the winners are awarded in 21 categories.

Each winner in 20 categories will receive a certificate and $ 10,000.

The winner is awarded a gold medal for public service in the field of journalism.

There are currently more than one Pulitzer recipient.

Their list is not complete.

The history of the award dates back to the early 20th century.

Newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer is paying Columbia University to establish an award and open a journalism school.

$ 250,000 is allocated for prizes and scholarships.