Police in Kaçanik from the Regional Police Directorate in Ferizaj, around 15:20, in the village of Biçec in Kaçanik, have identified and arrested the wanted person with the initials NH (M / K) aged 33 years.

He escaped from Smrkovnica Prison two months ago.

During his arrest, in an attempt to escape, the suspect attacked two police officers, causing them bodily injuries.

The injured police officers then received medical treatment at the Emergency Center in Ferizaj.

The suspect also received medical treatment.

The police escorted the suspect to the police station in Kaçanik and after being interviewed by the investigative police officers of the Regional Investigation Sector.

With the decision of the Prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution in Ferizaj, he was sent to detention for 48 hours, for further investigative procedures./Telegrafi/