The last curve elects the governor.

BMA releases the best : promote policy over competitors

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9 May 2022 6:59 a.m.





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Let's make the capital city grow on par with metropolises around the world. "Colonel Pun" Pol. Lt. Sita Tiwari, candidate for Bangkok governor, number 11, Thai Sang Thai Party

Point out the face of Bangkok in the future through the forge of management experience of himself and his team, who will come to manage problems for the people of Bangkok through various campaign policies.

when he was the chairman of the board of directors

AOT's works are evident, such as bringing wasteland and useless land to make a bicycle field at Suvarnabhumi.

without using a state budget worth more than 2 billion, with a private sector to make

It opened the door for Thai people to ride more than 1 million times, now it has become the number one good cycling field in the world.

If the governor of Bangkok can do more projects 10 times more.

Because the potential of BMA is different from AOT, therefore, policies that look like other applicants

but the difference is

Successful management of the flag

In this talk, the focus was on problems that Bangkok residents would like to be resolved, such as solving flooding problems, which can be done immediately without needing an additional budget. Traffic congestion problems are very difficult to solve, but we have solutions to solve the whole system, and the problem of increasing green areas can be dealt with.

in order for a good quality of life to happen to the people of the city

ready to expand the solution to waste problems

The other day I went to see the garbage mill at On Nut, 30-50's before this point was a suburb.

The city expands to develop beyond the On Nut area.

So why is the waste plant still located on an area of ​​500-600 rai?

Just move out without building a new waste shed.

And is it better to be a public park?

Waste disposal requires structural shaking.

which has been described in detail to visualize the amount of waste in

Bangkok, every day is enormous.

storage cost

Annual loss results of Bangkok.

If you follow the garbage disposal policy

Starting from the sorting process that adds value

Ready to keep for free, think well, maybe get money as well

But if they are still thrown away or called garbage easily

It is necessary to collect more money or charge more and more.

to gradually strengthen the discipline of garbage disposal

Garbage disposal is open to the private sector to manage. Why does Bangkok have to invest by itself?

Today, the cost of transporting garbage is 900 baht per ton. I talked to the private sector and said that

“Waste is valuable”

So 400-500 baht per tonne has already been transported by the private sector.

The cost of gas may be up to 2 thousand baht, but the value of the waste is enormous.

The private sector is willing to pay money to buy the garbage Bangkok. The more you sort it out, the value increases many times.

In the end it will be like Japan.

Well sorted waste

Very little damage to the environment

The size of the power plant is in the heart of the city.

Burning garbage doesn't smell bad at all.

Well managed, there is money left in Bangkok. 1-2 billion baht. This problem is like a hair covering a mountain.

It's something you can't think of or pretend you don't know.

to dissolve the budget of almost 7 billion baht per year

The flood problem is the same. Bangkok has invested hundreds of billions of baht in this issue.

but not yet drained

Management methods without budget to include canals in Bangkok, a total length of more than 2,000 kilometers in order to use the canals to the fullest extent.

especially for drainage, roaming, used in agriculture

Think about the average lap of the canal, equal to Bangkok. There are already a lot of empty spaces below street level.

And naturally, water flows from high to low.

Drainage system from roads into sewers, into canals, flowing into rivers.

Meteorology warns of water in canals

Don't have to do monkey cheeks

Elections. Rainy season. I am the governor of Bangkok. Give me 7 days to deal with water.

The first day is certified to conduct testing of drainage systems throughout Bangkok. Cope with sea water, northern water and rain in Bangkok.

Guaranteed not to flood

BKK can take care of it...finish

If in any area that Bangkok can't really take it, notify the people of Bangkok, both agricultural areas.

use boat traffic

I believe that people understand

Every country does this.

like a traffic jam

I have to admit that it's beyond the capabilities of Bangkok, although there are many ways to solve it.

But that can be solved immediately, there must be other traffic to replace cars.

and people can feel the convenience better than right

which must be managed well

negotiate with private

coordinate with the government

so that the electric car fare should not exceed 15% of the average income, assuming the income is 1-15 thousand baht, the electric train fare per month must not exceed 2 thousand baht. This problem can be solved.

but it takes time

by bringing the advantages of Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland

or another country

Become a role model and develop to fit the Thai way of life.

Do not use a lavish budget.

when saving a lot of budget

then bring the budget to develop green areas for people

Bangkok, at least 5 billion baht, distributed to 50 districts, adding green areas for Bangkokians

I reiterate that every policy is practical.

and must be co-operated with the people of Bangkok by separating the policy into 3 P, both People to create a city of opportunity for Bangkokians

The people are the builders of the city.

I don't believe that there will be superheroes from anywhere to build Bangkok. Build people-educational people-participate with the city.

Profit Build a city of wealth, create jobs, solve stomach problems, hawker stalls, support the poor.

Leave no one behind and Planet create a sustainable quality of life for Bangkokians.

Bringing Blockchain Tools to the Rescue

declaration part

"Break the rice pot" that wants to point out that the BMA organization is transparent.

such as the establishment of Krungthep Thanakom

The objective is to reduce the administrative process of

Bangkok to be flexible

Instead, it was seen as a land of twilight.

no transparency

It's a box to hide the money of Bangkok. Everyone must dare to break their own rice pot that is not done correctly. The governor of Bangkok has to do it. Bangkok Thanakom should invite the NACC to be the person who hits the hand of those who will. Corruption can be done like this. Bangkok can develop further.

This is what it says to smash the rice pot.

I would like to announce what the Bangkok Governor has never done.

But running to the finish line

I have to work very hard now.

hit the area hard

because it was launched later than others

The more you look at the results of the poll at the launch.

Found that about 30% have not decided who to choose.

This is the easiest part to share, but 70% of them have already made up their minds.

If you want to change your mind and choose us, it's difficult.

At this time, let's compete with the times that the installments keep coming in.

“I believe that people understand that we are a newly opened political party. There are no MPs, but personnel in the party.

Led by Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, with 30 years of political experience, always present.

Go to the area, never lack

Even when asked if the governor

Do you expect big political results?

must answer directly

That it's half. If the people of Bangkok trust, they go to manage Bangkok. If they fail, they make big politics.

Which Bangkok governor would like to apply the policy?

no copyright

Remove the flood solution process immediately.

Asking to help is welcome. No need to hire. No need to give a position.

As the Thai Build Thai Party

If the government

Supervise the Ministry of Interior - Bangkok.

also encouraged the Bangkok Governor to work in the right direction

But to pay for a large project, it doesn't have to be, just look at the facts.”

How do you prepare for the final curve?

To move forward to reach the chair of the governor, Sao Chingcha, Lt. Sita said that he would like to focus on the policy to reach as many people in Bangkok as possible.

Therefore, in the rest of the time there can be no more mistakes.

Let's do the best. My last line is not about losing or winning.

But I would like to strive to make it a party that is beneficial to Bangkok and the country.

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