Former Minister of Justice Selim Selimi has commented on the visits of state leaders in different countries of the world.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti is visiting the United States, President Osmani is visiting Latin America, while Foreign Minister Donika Gërvalla is visiting Israel.

AAK leader Ramush Haradinaj is also paying a visit to the United States.

Selimi in "Debat Plus" with Ermal Panduri on RTV Dukagjini says that from the visits of the holders of institutions, only the visit of Gërvalla to Israel was valuable.

"Of the three visits of foreign policy makers, only Ms. Gërvalla's visit to Israel made sense as it was a working and planned visit.

As for the President's visit, it has a ceremonial character.

"She had to make lobbying visits to countries that have not recognized Kosovo", he said, Telegrafi reports.

Selimi says the agenda of Kurti's visit to the US is still a mystery.

"The announcement is that Kurti will meet with officials of the Administration.

"But we have not been told who he will meet even if they are at low levels, but Kurti's megalomania that he only meets with world leaders does not allow him to tell about the meetings in the US."

The former Minister of Justice says that Haradinaj's visit to the USA was sabotaged by the Kosovo Embassy in America.

"The embassy has been officially notified of this visit, but there has been a sabotage of this visit because the consulate in New York has not received permission from the embassy in Washington to organize meetings with compatriots in the consulate premises", stated among others Selim Selimi ./