On Monday, a child fell in Lumëbardhi of the city of Peja, while he was playing.

He was rescued by several citizens, who intervened to pull him out of the river waves.

The news was confirmed by the spokesperson of the Police for the Peja region, Driton Rugova.

According to him, the event is reported to have happened around 19:45 minutes.

The police has received information that in the city river, respectively in the place called "Small Park", a child has fallen into the river.

"The police immediately went to the scene, where they found three people in the river, one parent of the child, who rescued him and pulled him out of the cold water", declared Rugova.

He announced that one of the three people who helped save the child was also injured.

"One of the persons, a citizen, suffered bodily injuries while helping to get the child out of the water.

The child and three other people were sent to Peja Hospital for medical treatment ", declared Rugova.

According to the medical team, the child and the other injured person are in stable condition./Telegraph