Which law is bad?

I want OBRM-PDUKM to tell me a law that is bad.

Let them block as much as they want, but we will not retaliate brutally, said the Minister of Local Self-Government, Goran Milevski in the show "24 Analiza" after tomorrow's announcement of the blockade of the Assembly.

According to him, the former minister in the government of Nikola Gruevski and the current member of OBRM-PDUKM, Zoran Stavrevski, is not a senior expert for the Government to accept to advise the Government on how to build "baroque facades, willows in Vardar paintings of a million euros ”.

"They have no more innovative solutions than Zoran Stavrevski.

If I were Kovacevski, I would reject them in the first minute, not in 30 minutes.

"It is a shame that they offered it to him," said Milevski.